There are 10,000 tourists in Zante, and only 300 spaces on Tidal. We’ll let you do the maths...

It’s no surprise that Tidal is so popular, with a one hour free bar, world class pyrotechnics, hosts, guest DJs, celebrity appearances and professional photography. All these amazing elements combined make for one thing and one thing only; an absolutely amazing party that’ll be the highlight of your holiday.

Due to the intense popularity of Zante’s best boat party, and limited availability on tickets, the only way of guaranteeing yourself a space on a fun-filled 5 hour voyage is by securing your place in advance. Yes, this means before you set foot in the resort. Don’t worry - we’ve made this as easy as possible. With just a small deposit you are guaranteed entry to Tidal events, even in peak season. You then have until the day of the party to pay the remaining balance ahead of a wild sunset sailing.

Zante Guide To Spending Money
Zante Guide To Spending Money

The biggest decision you have to make is what ticket?

We offer both standard and VIP packages, and it’s just £15/£20 respectively to nab your slot. VIP tickets are only available online, with limited availability these are usually the first to sell out, so if you’re planning on making your Tidal experience extra special then you’ll need to get in early.

A VIP upgrade means a table on the private deck with bottle service, free laughing gas, a complimentary bottle of vodka on arrival and priority boarding - if you’re going to do it, do it in style...

If you’ve been on a party holiday before, you’ll know what it’s like to be hounded by ticket sellers every 5 metres as you walk down the strip.

There’s no better way to shut down the tireless questions than saying “It’s okay mate, we’re already sorted”, with a nice big thumbs up for good measure. Strut your way to the Zante Box Office to collect your tickets, safe in the knowledge you’re on the best boat party that Greece has ever seen.

Did we mention we keep a 50:50 girls to guy ratio?

This is why it’s even more important to secure your space early, you definitely don’t want to end up on another boat party that’s just you and 250 lads, circling the only group of girls like vultures...