Event Information

Event Name Mega Party
Date Every Sunday
Time Doors 12am
Location CherryBay

All Included In This Event:

Free Inflatable
for Everyone

Anything from a guitar to a unicorn

Drinks Bar

€2 drinks and €1 shots all night!

All Night!

Loads of great prizes to be won!

Zante's Top
Two DJs

Playing all the downright dirty summer anthems

Mega Party
Mega Party
Mega Party

CherryBay’s Mega Party is as close to a student union night as you’ll find in Zante, the drinks are cheap, the atmosphere is rocking, and the inhibitions are left at home.

Every Sunday CherryBay plays host as Zante’s top 2 DJ’s go back to back in the speedboat for an Ultimate night of cheese, charts and downright dirty summer anthems.

On arrival, everyone will receive a random inflatable, anything from a guitar to a unicorn and these will play a part throughout the nights antics, but we don’t want to give away too much...

Drinks will be flowing as fast as you can drink them with a €2 bar and €€1 shots all night, and on top of this there will be loads of great prizes to be won. These will include tickets for some of Zante’s biggest events, take away booze to set you up nicely for pre drinks and cold hard cash!

How can you say no, to CherryBay’s Mega Party (Included in Zante Bucket List and Zante Mega Deal event packages