Full Moon Party @ Cherry Bay

Every Monday
Full Moon Zante, one of the original Full Moon events that have now established themselves as top sellers across countless resorts throughout the Mediterranean. And there are more than a few reasons why...

With over 20,000 of you attending in 2016, Full Moon is up there with the biggest and most talked about event on the island.

The Laganas Bay is one of the most amazing stretches of beach in Greece, with crystal clear waters and views of the infamous Turtle island, if you’re one of the lucky ones and time it right, you’ll see the moon rise straight over the bay as you party underneath the stars, glow baton in one hand, bucket in the other. Now THAT is where memories are made.

As the clock hits 23:00 and the music fades on the beach, you’ll make your way up the strip to the official Full Moon after party and keep raving for as long as your body can handle it!

For Zante’s biggest Beach Party and for memories of a lifetime, don’t miss FULL MOON ZANTE!

Full Moon Party @ Cherry Bay