Zante Box Office Discount Band

Zante Box Office is proud to bring you Zante’s most exclusive and more importantly most useful discount wristband.
With such a strong standing in the resort of Laganas over many years, Zante Box Office is affiliated with most of the top bars, clubs and restaurants on the island, not to mention shops tattooists and even speedboat hire (yes, you can rent your very own speedboat for the day).

Our Discount band can save you well over €200 throughout resort, we work alongside top venues such as Pure BeachClub, Linekers, CherryBay, Zoo Lounge, Full Moon Bar & Restaurant, Peri Heaven, Sugar, Glamour, Cool Peppers, Big Boys, BJ’s and even Greece’s number 1 tattooist Rapsody.

The offers included can be anything from 2-4-1 cocktails, free entrance, and up to 50% discount in certain venues including free shots, jager bombs and pretty much everything else... You will literally save money every time it’s your round at the bar!

It will also offer you exclusive discount on all Zante Box Office events and merchandise, events including Addicted & Champagne Spray at Pure as well as Full Moon at CherryBay and the brand new and most anticipated boat party of the season, Boats ‘n’ Hoes.

Everybody loves a holiday tattoo or piercing, it’s become almost tradition, so we’ve even teamed up with Rapsody Tattoos to ensure you don’t pay over the odds, and not forgetting your very own speedboat for the day will be available, again with exclusive discount using your Bucket List Band.

At such a low price online, it simply makes sense to put your order in now, then all you need to do is head to Zante Box Office on day 1 to collect your bands. We’re located a few doors down from McDonalds on the main strip. Please note, we only have 5,000 bands available, so make sure you don’t miss out.

Zante Box Office Discount Band