Zante’s Best Clubs


1. CherryBay

CherryBay has been as icon of Zante for over 25 years now. It's one of the best known clubs for a reason and after moving from the bottom of the strip to the middle its arguably the most popular spot that Zante has to offer. The main thing Cherry is known for its anything goes attitude where everyone is encouraged to dance on the bar. The music constantly changing thanks to the brilliance of one of the best DJs in Zante. From RnB, house bangers to old school anthems and with a slightly smaller capacity that some of the other bigger clubs and a more intimate feel this club is the ideal place for anyone and everyone looking to experience an amazing night out. Usually a celebrity hot spot with any artists from Pure or celebrities from Champagne Spray keep an eye out for your chance to rub shoulders with the biggest celebs Zante has to offer.

Top Tip - Cherry Bay offers free entry to everyone who buys their events through Zante Mega Deal. Usually €5 per night entry that will save you over €35 over the course of your holiday easy!


2. Rescue

Probably the biggest club in Zante along with Zero’s Rescue can hold 500+ comfortably and does offer that big super club feel. They have some amazing resident DJs who drop house bangers all night long in the main room.

For those who want a more chilled out vibe they have an amazing roof terrace perfect for when you want to take a break from the big tunes being dropped in the main club. They have also in the past brought over quite a few headline acts such as Joel Corry, Charlie Sloth and J-Hus to name but a few. We imagine this will be continued in the years to come.

Cocktails & Dreams

3. Cocktails & Dreams

The brightest lights on the strip belong to Cocktails & Dreams and we believe that everyone needs to take a trip up their huge staircase at least once on their Zante Holiday. Just be careful how you come back down them!

Cocktails is an intimate smaller club with a bar in the middle of the room and dance floor on all sides. All in all a really cool place to spend your night with some of the best drinks offers and great tunes.


4. Zero’s

Zero’s is another power house on the Zante club circuit. With a huge front bar that’s perfect for pre drinks to a huge room at the back which transforms in to one of the best clubs on the Zante strip after 12.

Zero’s have ran some major events in their club too, one of our favourites is Rain Dance, the club literally turns into a tropical storm with over 1000 litres of water being pumped from the ceiling. Not somewhere to go if you have your best clobber on but good fun non the less!


5. Sizzle

Probably towards the end of the main row of clubs on the strip but never the less Sizzle is a popular spot for party goers in Zante. Host to the well known Ultimate Party which is ran by the same guys that also put on the White Party.

Thursdays nights are extremely busy. Sizzle also plays host to the Jungle Party which has brought acts out in previous years such as medusa. Not a bad spot to spend your night when you are on Holiday in Zante.


6. Plus

Plus is arguably the first proper club on the Zante strip that you come to when walking down from some of the smaller bars. Next door to Medusa the shisha bar Plus has a massive open air front bar with a really good raised VIP section on the right, the PRs often offer good drinks deals as you walk past which are hard to turn down in all honesty.

To the back they have a decent sized club which plays host when Nathan Dawe comes to Zante and they also run a weekly paint party. Again a good spot to spend your night.

These are the clubs we would say are the best spots to spend your night in Zante. Usually the clubs listed above will stay open till 5am midweek and some open until 8am on weekends! We would recommend trying all of them you have at least a week of your holiday so its best to take a look around and find which spot suit you and your group best. When you find the one you prefer then stick with it. PRs will generally give good deals out to returning customers!

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