Zante's Number 1 Boat Party

Zante's Number 1 Boat Party

The Event

Tidal Zante started in 2017 and since then has gone on to become one of the biggest if not the biggest event in Zante putting over 2000 people per week on its boats in 2019 in peak season. It really has gone from 0 to 100 and when you take a closer look it’s really not hard to see why Tidal is now voted Zante’s Best Boat Party.

From the start Tidal Zante has had a customer first approach. When we think of our boat party we think about the customer and what we would want personally when it comes to an amazing experience in Zante that is going to leave you with the best possible memories for years to come.

With that in mind we have spared no expense when it comes to making Tidal Boat Party the must do event in Zante. From the best party boat on the island with a massive 420 person capacity, to 3 of Zante’s best resident DJs playing anything and everything the crowd wants on a state of the art upgraded sound system exclusively shipped in for our guests, the basics are key to making this boat party the best... in Zante.

All the basics of a boat party are covered on Tidal as well as our amazing VIP sun deck and VIP hosts, celebrity guest appearances and a nightclub style lighting system on the main deck. One more thing which we thought would make this party just that little bit better is a 1 HOUR FREE BAR. Yes you read that right all guests get a full one hour free bar on board Tidal every single time.

Every year we continue to add to this formula in order to keep Tidal Zante at the top of the Zante events scene. We think it’s extremely important to keep developing each and every year to make our customers experience the best it can possibly be and to keep our reputation as Zante’s best boat party.

There are some other boat parties in Zante, no doubt about it. Some good, some bad. The bad ones get away with it because it really is difficult for you to have a bad time on a boat when you are drunk in the sun with friends. No boat party in Zante however comes anywhere close to Tidal in terms of size and customer satisfaction, so if you are looking for hands down Zante’s best event then get on board Tidal Zante for Summer 2021, where you are guaranteed the time of your life and memories that will last a lifetime.
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What Makes Tidal Zante's Best Boat Party?

Tidal Zante

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Tidal Zante is available exclusively as part of Zante Mega Deal, Zante’s number one events package. If you are looking for the best events in Zante at an extremely low price then look no further than the Zante Mega Deal. All the events included are heavily discounted and with extra add ons such as a €20 free bar credit at Tom Zanetti, A Cherry Bay weekly access pass and an exclusive Zante Mega Deal discount wristband this events package really does make your week in Zante.

The events below are what is included as part of your Zante Mega Deal to book or to see the package in more detail click the link below.

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